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A Word from Patti:

I never guessed that Scott would one day transition from operating a full time taxidermy shop to creating bronze sculpture, but he did and he did it successfully.  I also never envisioned that he would one day want to build guitars. When he told me of his desire to do so it was a welcome surprise. As a guitar player I loved the idea of  getting into the guitar building business. As his wife I knew that he would succeed at this new endeavor. Scott is an extremely talented individual and a true professional in his business life. 

One of Scott's greatest strengths is his work ethic.  He never does anything half way.  The other great strength is how he values his clientele. Scott realizes that a custom guitar is an important purchase. He wants your total satisfaction.

Trust me, you are in good hands!

‚ÄčArtists of any kind are a quirky bunch, myself included, and I see many different temperments, philosophies, and practices. Most artists are perfectionists in their area of expertise and I like to believe that I am one also.  It is the drive that causes most artists to strive for higher plateaus of accomplishment.

Patti and I work side by side in our remote NW studio.  We know first hand what the dream of owning a custom instrument feels like and consider it an honor to build them. It is our priviledge to make your musical dreams come true.

"If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" ~ Sir Isaac Newton~

Luthier: Scott Lennard

The path that led to the creation of Montrose Guitars began in 1996 when my wife, Patti, decided to learn to play guitar. After a few lessons , using a borrowed guitar, her mom and I surprised her with her first guitar, an Alvarez. She learned to play fairly quickly and by 2006 I was beginning to feel left out watching her play with her new 'music friends'. As a remedy I took up the guitar and through much patience on Patti's part I learned to make a few recognizable sounds.

Being an artist I am usually attracted to things that have some measure of 'stunning appeal'. Given that fact I soon found myself on the path to the 'perfect guitar for myself. Within a year of taking up the instrument I had acquired 10-12 guitars, quite a collection for a beginning player. During an internet search I happened across the website of master luthier, Jim Olson, Although a guitar of this calibur stood outside my playing ability I had to have one. I ordered a custom brazilian SJ with a florentine cutaway. As fate would have it I ended up at the Minneapolis airport during the time my guitar was being built. I called Jim and he graciously picked me up and took me to his studio for a tour.

Jim is a master and the consumate craftsman with many kinds of tools and jigs that he designed to perfect his craft. The tour gave me such an appreciation for the level of dedication that goes into the making of a guitar. When my finished guitar arrived I felted flooded by its beauty. In fact, I was in such awe of that guitar that I became afraid to play it for fear of putting a scratch, ding or any kind of marking on its perfect appearance.

Over the past 6 years I have continued to improve my skills as a guitarist and enjoy the challenges. In 2010-2011 I began to experience a desire to build custom made acoustic guitars; a desire that grew in intensity each day. This new quest led me to another master luthier, Charles Fox, Charles is one of the early pioneers of American Luthrie. Many of the methods, tools, equipment and ideas in this field are attributed to Charles. I feel fortunate to have learned from one of the best. His willingness to teach me has allowed me to start building guitars at a very high level instead of going through the normal learning curve.

The other talented builders who have inspired, coached or mentored me along this journey are Matt Artinger,, and John Greven, I owe a debt of gratitute to these men because much of what I know today was passed to me by them.