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This type of guitar will allow you to utilize notes below or lower than the open low E string on your standard acoustic guitar. Plus, you still have all of the notes you are already used to having.

A baritone is great when you have a song that calls for deep bass tones but you don't have a bass player available. If your natural voice is low you don't have to continually de-tune and re-tune because you are already starting out lower than standard tuning. A baritone can be a perfect 5th, a perfect 4th or a major 3rd lower than standard.

Trent Willmon says he "loves" his Montrose Baritone. He also said, "I've named it The Bear because of its bearclaw sitka spruce top and it low growly voice like a grizzly bear". Maybe his next hit song will be written on his Montrose baritone guitar.

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Montrose Baritone Guitar

If you enjoy de-tuning your guitar or have a low vocal register you may want to consider a baritone guitar. Scott can custom a 6 string baritone to your liking using any of the Montrose body styles.  

The dreadnought baritone featured on this page was custom built for singer/songwriter Trent Willmon of Nashiville, TN. The cool thing about a baritone guitar is that all standard chord notations can be used. In other words, what you already know is easily transferred.