Ziricote with Bear Claw Sitka Spruce

Scott sold the previous Montrose he had built for himself so it was time to build one for himself. This stunning Montrose Signature guitar features Indian Rosewood back and sides with a stunning bear claw Sitka Spruce top. Scott incorporated an arm bevel featuring flutes from the Kevin Ryan flute design. He likes to call his guitar "The Tarantula" since the natural grain in the guitar back resembles a spider. This is a fabulous sounding guitar.

montrose Medium Jumbo
Black Walnut & Lutz Spruce

Scott had the opportunity to build a baritone guitar for recording artist Trent Willmon of Nashville, TN. This beautiful guitar features solid Claro Walnut back and sides with a Sitka Bear Claw Spruce top.

Trent selected a dreadnought body style for his guitar. The ebony fret board is complete with the artists personal logo at the 3rd fret. 

If you've ever played a baritone guitar you know the joy of having lower registers at your fingertips. The coolest thing about a baritone guitar is that you can use all of your chord shapes for standard tuning, making the adjustment to the lower tonal starting that much easier.

Montrose Baritone Guitar

The guitar pictured here was built for a wonderful singer/songwriter in New Mexico. She chose solid Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides. Scott chose solid Lutz Spruce for the top. The combination of tone woods produce a rich articulate voice that resonates like no other. We had a hard time putting this guitar in the case for shipping because it was so much fun to play. Accents such as water buffalo tuning knobs, bridge pins and end pin adds that distinctive touch of class.

Left Handed Montrose Custom Signature Model

This beautiful Montrose Medium Jumbo custom acoustic guitar was built for a gentleman in Texas. The 3rd fret marker is a customized personal design making this guitar a one of a kind.

The customer had the following to say about his guitar: "One week into getting acquainted with my guitar and I can honestly say it gets better looking every time I look and the sound, which is already amazing, gets better by the day. It is a masterful piece of work, I couldn't be happier, and we will do this again in the future."

Montrose Medium Jumbo

This guitar is currently for sale by the owner. Call us for details.

This Montrose Medium Jumbo features solid Ziricote back & sides along with a solid Sitka Spruce top with ebony binding. The head stock is ebony with a walnut burl back plate. Fret board inlays include hollow dots with a double at the 7th fret and the Montrose 12th fret marker. It also has a fishman pick up.

The gentleman that purchased this guitar lives in Georgia. It was a true pleasure to meet him and his wife. Scott and I already consider them to be life long friends.

Recently Sold Guitars

Small Jumbo Claro

Walnut/Flamed Redwood Guitar

This stunning guitar was sold to a gentleman who doesn't even play guitar yet. He said that he has always wanted to learn to play. The solid Claro Walnut back and sides are perfected accented with Koa binding and the flamed redwood top. Scott choose a tabacco sunburst top for this guitar. The tonal qualities of the wood allow for clear precise voicing. The sound port allows the player to hear the instrument more clearly. We wish the happy owner the best as he learns the art of guitar playing with a great instrument!

Call today for information on Our Montrose Custom made acoustic Guitars. it is time to make the dream of owning a custom guitar a reality.
Medium Jumbo Brazilian Custom Acoustic guitar

This custom acoustic guitar combines the beauty of solid Cocobolo on the back and sides with the crisp clarity of a solid Sitka Spruce top for an awarding winning look and sound.

Scott combined solid dots with his Montrose 12th fret marker for a clean, uncluttered fret board appearance. The rosette and head stock accents help create the wow factor.

This custom guitar was built for an aspiring player. We feel confident that as the customer learns to play he will value the opportunity of learning on such an amazing instrument. All too often beginners make the mistake of starting out with the least expensive guitar they can find. This is a huge mistake. You should purchase the best instrument you can afford because it can be difficult to overcome the learning disadvantages of a poorly constructed instrument or high action. 

We specialize in building quality instruments and adjusting the action to meet your playing style.

Montrose medium jumbo cocobolo guitar

This beautiful left handed guitar has solid Brazilian Rosewood back & sides with a solid Bear Claw Sitka Spruce top. Ebony binding adds to the dramatic beauty. This customer requested his personal logo on the fret board as seen on the 3rd fret. Custom designs on the fret board, bridge or head stock add a personal connection to the guitar along with making it truly unique to the owner.  Another appointment that sets this gutiar apart from others is a florentine cutaway.  This style of cutaway offers access to the upper frets and also a dramatic element to the design.

This beautiful guitar was custom built by Scott for the 2013 show season. It is no surprise that it sold right away. The quilted Sapele & Snake wood combination is stunning. Scott chose to utilize Snakewood for the bridge, fret board, heel cap and binding. The wood gets its name from the exotic snake like pattern. The solid Sapele back and sides richly complements both the Snakewood accents & solid Sitka Spruce top.

In designing this guitar Scott chose his Signature body style with a florentine cutaway. Being a player who loves to reach the upper frets Scott is particularly fond of cutaway guitars and the florentine is his favor style. In addition to its stellar appearance the Sapele wood produces a crystal clear voicing. Coupled with one of Scott's hand carved mahogany necks & smooth action this guitar is a match made in heaven.

Montrose Signature Guitar

This beautiful guitar was built for a client in Georgia. It features Brazilian back & sides, Lutz Spruce top and snakewood accents. 

This beautiful ziricote/bear claw sitka spruce guitar was recently shipped out to a gentleman in Florida. A double ring rosette offers the perfect compliment accent to the stunning spruce top. The florentine cutaway, soundport and walnut burl on the back of the headstock further accentuate the beauty of the ziricote back and sides.

This guitar is a dream to play. I was sad to see it go as I would have easily taken this one for myself.

Brazilian/Lutz Spruce/Snakewood

Built for a rising Jazz & Blues guitarist this Montrose Medium Jumbo guitar is a work of art. The owner, Jesse Black, is a 17 year old musical prodigy from Tennessee. He is quickly rising from teenage obscurity to being well recognized in the music world. Stay tuned for a link to information about Jesse and his music.

Left Handed Montrose Medium jumbo Guitar 

Left handed players can have a hard time finding a guitar and often resort to custom ordering. This left handed Montrose custom guitar features solid Cocobolo on the backs and sides  with a stunning high gloss black top. It also has an arm bevel which adds an artistic element to the overall look of the guitar. Arm bevels add to the playing comfort as they give a sloped place of rest over the lower bout. 

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