If you see a tone wood that interests you please give us a call at (406) 293-7158

black walnut  bw-20
chocolate mango
koa  k-15
claro walnut  cw-18
small jumbo
curly redwood top - 9662 
indian rosewood  IR-22
Indian Rosewood IR-21 
Indian rosewood  ir-23
indian rosewood  ir-25
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the wood choices shown below. Please know that We have other tops, back and sides to choose from, I just can't list them all and have made this page as a sample of what is available. For reference when calling The name and stock number appears below each photograph.

Wood Choices:

A few of the many available

   Montrose Guitars TM ‚Äč  

Custom Acoustic Guitars

cocobolo  c-4
cocobolo  c-5
claro walnut  cw-19
curly redwood top - 9674
indian rosewood  ir-24
(small Jumbo)